More Efficient Nitrogen Use thanks to Site-Specific Fertilisation

Nitrogen Fertilisation

A test of five methods using the example of winter-wheat cultivation shows that site-specific nitrogen fertilisation enables more efficient fertilising without adversely affecting yield.


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Nutrient Availability and Fertilisation

Improved nutrient efficiency in agroecosystems is a key challenge in agricultural research. Our research focuses on plant nutrition in different cropping systems, organic and recycled fertilisers, yield responses to nutrient availability and site characteristics, mineralisation processes in the soil and site-specific fertilisation.

2017 GRUD

PRIF (only in French, German and Italian)

Fertiliser application in plant production is of vital importance for agricultural practitioners and advisers. With the new ‘Principles of Agricultural Crop Fertilisation in Switzerland’ (GRUD/PRIF 2017), Agroscope has for the first time combined fertilisation recommendations for all crops grown in Switzerland in a single interpretative document.


Last modification 12.07.2022

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