Agroscope is awarded four Horizon2020 projects

Four project with Agroscope's participation submitted in the European Research Framework Programme Horizon 2020 had been successful. 

  • LIVESEED aims to improve the performance and competitiveness of the organic sector. The aim ist to increase the availability and choice of organic seed. Therefore, new quality strategies and seed production methods are necessary.

    The LIVESEED consortium represents a multidisciplinary European partnership involving 48 organisations and more than 30 stakeholders from 16 EU countries and Switzerland, including FiBL and Agroscope.

  • EUCLEG aims to reduce dependency on protein imports focusing on legume crops. To breed legume varieties with improved performance under biotic and abiotic stress ist important. Therefore, with new selection strategies they will improve genetic progress.

    The partnership gathered in EUCLEG, combining public institutes and private companies of Europe, including Switzerland represented by Agroscope, and China, guaranties the transfer of knowledge from research to seed industry.

  • SolACE goal is to help agriculture facing major challenges, notably increased rainfall variability and reduced use of fertilizers for both economic and ecological purposes.

    SolACE consortium is based on a multi-disciplinarity that encompasses crop physiology and genetics, soil biogeochemistry and microbial ecology, agronomy/agroecology, modelling, social sciences as well as communication and project management expertise from 24 organisations including FiBL and Agroscope.

  • IWMPRAISE aims to support the implementation of Integrated Weed Management. It’s necessary to develop and optimize novel alternative weed control methods and create a ‘tool box’ of validated methods.

    The partnership gathered in IWMPRAISE is based on 41 organisations including Switzerland represented by Agroscope.






Last modification 06.09.2017

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