Research Enters the Digital Era

Ettenhausen, 31.05.2017 - Digitisation has the potential to make the small-scale Swiss agricultural sector both more competitive and more sustainable. Consequently, Agroscope is expanding research in the field of smart farming on its Tänikon site by linking agricultural-engineering and agroeconomic knowledge.

Smart Farming technologies offer a wide range of options for data collection and processing, both for all production resources and along the entire value chain. Agroscope’s new work programme, which conducts research into smart farming, therefore takes account of the increasing digitisation of agriculture.

Together into the Future

Research in Tänikon focuses on two questions, viz., to what extent do Smart Farming technologies benefit Swiss agriculture, and what decision-making parameters and tools do these technologies require? The Tänikon Experimental Farm has been run by the Arenenberg Education and Advisory Centre (BBZ) since the beginning of 2017. Agroscope continues to be its main research partner, and is investing in the equipment of the site with sensor systems.  These sensor systems record and process parameters that are relevant for research and decision-making.

Production systems are evaluated and optimised by means of the latest scientific methods and data-processing models. The aim is to develop new tools, and to collaborate in the continued development of technologies for the Swiss agricultural sector. The ultimate objective of this scientific decision support for practitioners, advisors and policy-makers is a more competitive, more sustainable Swiss agricultural sector.

Agroscope – Optimally Connected, Yet Independent

Given the growing importance of digitisation for agriculture, the canton of Thurgau and Agroscope agree that close collaboration between research, extension and education at the Tänikon site provides ideal conditions for the knowledge generation and transfer required by the new technology. The Swiss Future Farm – a project of the canton of Thurgau with partners from the private sector in Tänikon – is of great interest to Agroscope, and is keenly applauded. At the same time, Agroscope’s independence is a top priority, and this is clear to all involved stakeholders.

Agroscope offers scientifically neutral evaluation bases and decision-making support, for which an insight into the latest technologies is advantageous. Thus, a demonstration farm, an experimental farm and a knowledge and science hub will be established in Tänikon, which together will give Swiss agriculture a head start in terms of Smart Farming.

Address for enquiries

Carole Enz, Communication Specialist
Media Service
Agroscope, Schloss 1, 8820 Wädenswil, Switzerland
+41 58 460 62 72

Nadja El Benni
Head of Competition and System Evaluation Research Division
Agroscope, Tänikon 1, 8356 Ettenhausen, Switzerland
+41 58 466 17 69



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