Poster appareance


  • Poster size:  A0 (84.1 cm x 116.9 cm; 33.11 in x 46.02 in)
  • Save as full-size .pdf file

Poster structure

  • Title, Authors and affiliations
  •  Speaker’s name should be underlined
  • Introduction (background, motivation, purpose of research)
  • Materials and Methods (assign scientific name for your materials)
  • Results
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion and future plan
  • Reference, acknowledgments, URL


Font size of body text should be easily legible by someone standing up to 2 m away and up to 5 m for the main title. Avoid long lines of text and too-small fonts that are difficult to read. Separate each part by columns to facilitate viewers’ comprehension. Assigning headings for each logical block or enclosing them with a box will help viewers understand the logical flow. Use a clean, simple design with no more than two fonts; bold and italic can provide variation. Ensure photos are sharp and clear when the poster is at full size.


Posters will be on display throughout the symposium and will be discussed during specific poster sessions.

All speakers are asked to be present in front of your poster during the poster session.All posters should be removed after the poster session ends; please do not remove the poster before that.Posters remaining after the symposium closes will be discarded.

Last modification 21.05.2019

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