Extension Arable Crops

The research group ‘Extension Arable Crops’ develops practical solutions for the ecological control of diseases and pests. The group also tests varieties of different arable crops in terms of their suitability for cultivation and utilisation under Swiss conditions. A holistic approach is taken with the aim of developing cost-efficient, sustainable and climate-resilient arable farming systems.
The team ‘Field Cultivation’ provides support for tillage, sowing, fertilisation, plant protection and harvesting to all research groups. In addition, the team 'Field Cultivation' is also responsible for the allocation and maintenance of the experimental land, as well as for site maintenance and various forms of transport. It is also responsible for the renewal and digitalisation of the machinery fleet.

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Field Crops

Agroscope develops optimised cultivation techniques and investigates the suitability of niche crops, mixed cropping systems and undersown crops for practical use.

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