History of the Location Wädenswil

Wädenswil historical nursery

After several decades of private ownership, the "Swiss-German Experimental Station for Fruit Production, Viticulture and Horticulture" was established in the castle in 1890. Its first director was Hermann Müller-Thurgau, who subsequently rose to fame, and is considered the most important pioneer of applied botany. He created the first scientific vine crossings, including breeding the Riesling x Sylvaner vine, from which the resulting white wine took its name. In the 1990s, genetic analyses showed that Müller-Thurgau had made an error. Instead of Sylvaner, he actually crossed the Riesling vine with Madeleine Royale.

In the following 110 years up until today the research station, renamed the "Swiss Federal Research Institute" in 1968, developed into a world-renowned institution.

Wädenswil Castle Copperplate Engraving