Pubblicazioni Alexis Beaurepaire

Ponkit R., Naree S., Pichayangkura R., Beaurepaire A., Paxton R. J., Mayack C. L., Suwannapong G.
Chito-oligosaccharide and propolis extract of stingless bees reduce the infection load of Nosema ceranae in Apis dorsata (Hymenoptera: Apidae).
Journal of Fungi, 9, (20), 2023, 1-15.

Hasegawa N., Techer M. A., Adjlane N., al-Hissnawi M. S., Antúnez K., Beaurepaire A., Christmon K., Delatte H., Dukku U. H., El-Niweiri M. A. A., Esnault O., Evans J. D., Haddad N. J., Locke B., Muñoz I. e altri
Evolutionarily diverse origins of deformed wing viruses in western honey bees.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 120, (26), 2023, 1-6.

Webster M. T., Beaurepaire A., Neumann P., Stolle E.
Population genomics for insect conservation.
Annual Review of Animal Biosciences, 11, 2023, 115-140.

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