Pubblicazioni Lukas Graf

Graf L., Merz Q., Walter A., Aasen H.
Insights from field phenotyping improve satellite remote sensing based in-season estimation of winter wheat growth and phenology.
Remote Sensing of Environment, 299, 2023, 1-16.

Graf L., Aasen H., Perich G.
EOdal: An open-source Python package for large-scale agroecological research using Earth Observation and gridded environmental data.
Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, 203, 2022, 1-5.

Graf L. V., Bernardino P., Steinhauser S., Un Nisa Z., Berger K., Ganeva D., Palazón S. B., Verrelst J., Aasen H.
Impacts of radiometric uncertainty on the estimation of land surface phenology metrics.
In: ESA Living Planet Symposium. 23. Mai, Ed. European Space Agency, Bonn. 2022, 1.

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