Pubblicazioni Florian Walder

Rubeaud C., Kay S., Jarosch K., Walder F.
Soil health in Swiss agroforestry systems.
In: Jagrestagung SGP/SSP BGS/SSP SGPW/SSA. 21 March, Zollikofen. 2024, 1.

Jarosch K., Hirte J., Walder F.
ARTEMIS: Agro-ecological strategies for promoting climate change Mitigation and Adaptation by enhancing soil ecosystem services and sustainable crop production.
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Mycorrhizal fungi mitigate nitrogen losses of an experimental grassland by facilitating plant uptake and soil microbial immobilization.
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Field-based application of visible and near-infrared (vis-NIR) spectroscopy for soil chemical and physical characterization.
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Can mycorrhizal fungi alleviate plant community instability caused by increased precipitation in arid ecosystems?
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Humidity and high temperature are important for predicting fungal disease outbreaks worldwide.
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Kompost zur Förderung der Bodenqualität.
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Enhanced root carbon allocation through organic farming is restricted to topsoils.
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Mycorrhizal fungi maintain plant community stability by mitigating the negative effects of nitrogen deposition on subordinate species in Central Asia.
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