Pubblicazioni Jürg Enkerli

Barzanti G.P., Enkerli J., Benvenuti C., Strangi A., Mazza G., Torrini G., Simoncini S., Paolio F., Marinelli L.
Genetic variability of Metarhizium isolates from the Ticino Valley Natural Park (Northern Italy) as a possible microbiological resource for the management of Popillia japonica.
Journal of Invertebrate Pathology, 197, 2023, 1-8.

Zottele M., Mayrhofer M., Embleton H., Enkerli J., Eigner H., Tarasco E., Strasser H.
Integrated biological control of the sugar beet weevil Asproparthenis punctiventris with the fungus Metarhizium brunneum: New application approaches.
Pathogens, 12, (99), 2023, 1-15.

Pedrazzini C. L., Strasser H., Zemp N., Holderegger R., Widmer F., Enkerli J.
Spatial and temporal patterns in the population genomics of the European cockchafer Melolontha melolontha in the Alpine region.
Evolutionary Applications, 16, (9), 2023, 1586-1597.

Wolf S., Collatz J., Enkerli J., Widmer F., Romeis J.
Assessing potential hybridization between a hypothetical gene drive-modified Drosophila suzukii and nontarget Drosophila species.
Risk Analysis, In Press, 2023, 1-12.

Spescha A., Zwyssig M., Hess Hermida M., Moix A., Bruno P., Enkerli J., Campos-Herrera R., Grabenweger G., Maurhofer M.
When competitors join forces: consortia of entomopathogenic microorganisms increase killing speed and mortality in leafand root‑feeding insect hosts.
Microbial Ecology, 2023, 1-14.

Gschwend F., Hartmann M., Mayerhofer J., Hug A.-S., Enkerli J., Gubler A., Meuli R. G., Frey B., Widmer F.
Site and land-use associations of soil bacteria and fungi define core and indicative taxa.
FEMS Microbiology Ecology, 97, (12), 2021, 1-14.

Enkerli J.
Microsatellite-marker based genotyping of two Metarhizium isolates KV950 (E9) und KV1073 (EAMa 01/58-Su).

Gschwend F., Hartmann M., Hug A.-S., Enkerli J., Gubler A., Frey B., Meuli R. G., Widmer F.
Long-term stability of soil bacterial and fungal community structures revealed in their abundant and rare fractions.
Molecular Ecology, 30, (17), 2021, 4305-4320.

Zottele M., Mayerhofer J., Embleton H., Wechselberger K., Enkerli J., Strasser H.
Biological diabrotica management and monitoring of Metarhizium diversity in Austrian maize fields following mass application of the entomopathogen Metarhizium brunneum.
Applied Sciences-Basel, 11, (20), 2021, 1-13.

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Development of a SNP-based tool for the identification and discrimination of Melolontha melolontha and Melolontha hippocastani.
Bulletin of Entomological Research, 111, 2021, 511-516.

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Land-use type drives soil population structures of the entomopathogenic fungal genus Metarhizium.
Microorganisms, 9, (7), 2021, 1-19.

Eraslan S., Enkerli J., Strasser H.
Populationsgenetische Untersuchung von Metarhizium spp. in drei ausgewählten Agroökosystemen in Tirol.
In: Österreichische Pflanzenschutztagung. 25.11.2020, Ed. Österreichische Arbeitsgemeinschaft für integrierten Pflanzenschutz, Rust, Österreich. 2020, 15.

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Small bias of one highly dominant taxon on community analyses using amplicon sequencing.
Journal of Microbiological Methods, 178, 2020.

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Der verborgenen Biodiversität im Boden auf der Spur.
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Mayerhofer J., Lutz A., Dennert F., Rehner S.A., Kepler R.M, Widmer F., Enkerli J.
A species-specific multiplexed PCR amplicon assay for distinguishing between Metarhizium anisopliae, M. brunneum, M. pingshaense and M. robertsii.
Fungal Ecology, 161, 2019, 23-28.

Mayerhofer J., Rauch H., Hartmann M., Widmer F., Gschwend F., Strasser H., Leuchtmann A., Enkerli J.
Response of soil microbial communities to the application of a formulated Metarhizium brunneum biocontrol strain.
Biocontrol Science and Technology, online, (13 January), 2019.

Sostizzo T., Enkerli J., Widmer F., Grabenweger G.
Biologische Bekämpfung des Japankäfers.
In: Nationale Bioforschungstagung. November, Ed. Agroscope, Reckenholz. 2018, 1.

Mayerhofer J., Eckard S., Hartmann M., Grabenweger G., Widmer F., Leuchtmann A., Enkerli J.
Assessing effects of the entomopathogenic fungus Metarhizium brunneum on soil microbial communities in Agriotes spp. biological pest control.
FEMS Microbiology Ecology, 93, 2017, 1-15.

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Preventive application of an entomopathogenic fungus in cover crops for wireworm control.
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Field efficacy of Heterorhabditis bacteriophora (Nematoda: Heterorhabditidae), Metarhizium brunneum (Hypocreales: Clavicipitaceae), and chemical insecticide combinations for Diabrotica virgifera virgifera larval management.
Biological Control, 107, 2017, 1-10.

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