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Ressources microbiennes d'Agroscope

Agroscope's microbial collections comprise bacteria, yeasts, fungi, viruses, phytoplasms and algae. Since their creation, Agroscope has acquired thousands of isolates from environments as diverse as fermented foods, milk and milk products, soil, plants, insects, animals, and humans. The conservation and curation of this unique heritage of the Swiss microbial biodiversity, with some strains isolated from vanished habitats, finds many daily applications in a large variety of fundamental and applied research projects paving the way to an agriculture in line with the values of agroecology. In this sense, these microbial resources represent the foundation of many current and future projects at Agroscope. It is therefore fundamental to thoroughly curate, characterize and preserve them on the long run, as well as to make them available to the research, together with reliable, accurate, and manageable information.

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Baumeyer Brahier Alexandra Liebefeld
Grabenweger Giselher Reckenholz
Grasso Fabio Liebefeld
Kurpan Daniel Liebefeld
Roetschi Alexandra Liebefeld
Shani Noam Liebefeld
Von Ah Ueli Liebefeld

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