Plant-Production Systems


Economic circumstances are changing, and resources (water, nutrients, energy, soil, labour) are becoming increasingly scarce. Added to this are climate change, population growth, and the increasing demands of society such as the reduction of the use of plant protection products.

In order to meet these challenges, Agroscope is working on real-world problem-solving approaches:

  1. the sustainable intensification of arable and special crops: here, the aim is to use resources such as nutrients and water more efficiently.
  2. environmentally friendly cultivation systems: testing inter alia conservation agriculture, mixed crops, and the alternative control of accompanying flora in Swiss conditions.
  3. cultivation methods and post-harvest processes are being developed for arable and special crops that improve the quality and value-added of the products. 

The findings obtained help with the formulation of agricultural best practices and best policies. The aim: to further improve the quality of plant crops and the competitiveness of the Swiss agricultural sector, whilst continuing to minimise the risks for humans and the environment.

Research Groups