NutriScope 2008-2013

Nutriscope Titelblatt

Healthy, safe and high-quality foods of Swiss origin

The present syntheses summarise the contents of the papers published in 2008-2010 and 2011-2013 based on the projects pursued  as part of Agroscope's Nutriscope Research Programme.

Videos to the synthesis

It's always the researchers who have been at the heart of our cooperation at NutriScope - a key factor in our ability to carry out such extensive, high-quality research with the resources available to us. At the conclusion of the NutriScope research programme, we would therefore like to provide a forum for several people both inside and outside of the project. 

Nutriscope Gysi

The Federal Office for Agriculture proposed a new agri-food sector policy . This is why Agroscope set up the new Institute for Food Sciences. Video: Gysi Michael

Nutriscope Bachmann

Nutriscope played an essential role in the creation of the Agroscope Institute for Food Sciences. Video Bachmann Hans-Peter


Nutriscope Muehlemann

Agroscope is an important player in the Swiss food-research landscape. Video Mühlemann Pascale