Proximal Sensing afo


Measuring Soil Fertility Directly in the Field

Soil samples can be measured directly in the field by means of spectroscopy. Agroscope researchers have tested mobile devices and shown how to make the best use of them.



Biodiversity Indicators for Result-based Agri-environmental Schemes: an Overview

Those wishing to promote biodiversity in agriculture by means of result-based schemes need meaningful indicators. An overview of proposed and used indicators highlights developments and challenges.

Nitrogen Fertilisation


More Efficient Nitrogen Use thanks to Site-Specific Fertilisation

A test of five methods using the example of winter-wheat cultivation shows that site-specific nitrogen fertilisation enables more efficient fertilising without adversely affecting yield.

Social Sustainability of Family Farms


How Can the Social Sustainability of Family Farms Be Measured?

Previous criteria used to measure social sustainability have their limits in the case of family farms. We propose focusing on workload. Initial results show that this is an easy-to-use and meaningful indicator.

Last modification 24.10.2023

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