Decision-making Tool for Assessing Wet Arable Land


A decision-making tool providing support with tile-drainage renewal issues was developed based on the ‘Wet Arable Land’ project findings. The tool is geared to cantonal agricultural offices as well as authorities for soil protection and nature, builders, advisors and farmers.  

In addition to legally required criteria (watercourse corridor, waterfowl and migratory bird reserves, bog landscapes, buffer zones for wet biotopes), the key indicators of the four subject areas ‘biodiversity’, ‘water bodies’, ‘soil and greenhouse gases’ and ‘agricultural use’ are evaluated. Maps for these topics depicting the current state of knowledge and available as GIS files are an integral part of the decision-making tool. A QGIS tool for automatically cutting out map extracts and an assessment table are available for the assessment.

The decision-making tool is available in three official Swiss languages, and is thus usable throughout Switzerland.