Assessing Measures that Reduce Emissions


In order to achieve the environmental objectives for agriculture, practical measures for reducing ammonia emissions from cattle husbandry are needed that are capable of being implemented in existing animal housing or in new and refurbished buildings under Swiss animal-housing conditions.

In the experimental dairy-cow housing for emissions research, Agroscope develops and evaluates structural, process-engineering and organisational reduction measures as well as feed strategies. In addition to determining the (ammonia and greenhouse-gas) emissions via the tracer-ratio method, further parameters such as climate data, animal behaviour, feeding data, floor-surface soiling, etc. were collected. The results form the scientific basis both for policy decisions and for recommendations for dairy farmers, extension workers, planners and animal-housing construction companies.

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Evaluation des mesures de réduction des émissions d’ammoniac

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Sustainability and eco-efficiency

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