Developing New Strategies for Controlling Fungal Diseases in Fruit Production

Apfel Pilz Faul

Fruit crops are threatened by numerous fungal diseases that can adversely affect productivity and quality. This, coupled with the high demands placed on internal and external fruit quality by retailers and consumers, is why the Swiss fruit-production sector requires plant protection measures. The aim of this project on fungal diseases in fruit production is to develop and highlight options and strategies for sustainable, lower-risk PPP use. In five subprojects, different plant protection strategies and alternative approaches (e.g. antagonistic yeasts) for controlling current relevant fungal diseases (e.g. apple scab and -mildew, Monilinia fungi, Marssonina leaf blight, various storage diseases) are investigated.

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Developing New Plant-Protection Strategies against Fungal Diseases for a More-Sustainable, Lower-Risk Fruit Production

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Developing sustainable, low-risk plant protection

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