Genomics-Assisted Diagnostics and Epidemiology

Molekulare Diagnostik

Molecular Diagnostics:

We develop molecular methods for the identification and genetic characterisation of harmful and useful organisms and diseases and of crop plant varieties. We use these methods for reliable molecular diagnostics of important pests and quarantine organisms and for the genetic variety identification of crop plants.

Molecular Epidemiology

We study population genetic parameters of invasive, endemic pests and diseases to understand factors responsible for their spread and population size.

Applied Genomics & Bioinformatics

We use pyrosequencing for the de-novo genome sequencing of important plant pathogenic bacteria (e.g. fire blight) and viruses. Based on this sequence information, we develop specific diagnostic tests and we search for pathogenicity genes. Knowledge of the characteristics and combination of such genes is an important basis for the further development of plant protection strategies.

Project Information

Project Title:
Genomics-Assisted Diagnostics and Epidemiology of Quarantine Organisms and Agriculturally Important Pests