Weed Control in Field Crops



Development of a control strategy for tiger nut sedge (Cyperus esculentus) for agricultural practitioners

  • Devising a successful control strategy. The aim is to prevent tuber formation
  • Achieving a better understanding of the biology of tiger nut sedge (number of tubers formed per plant and year, germinability of the seeds under Swiss conditions, etc.)
  • Investigating the competitiveness of various plants (e.g. cover crops) towards Cyperus esculentus.   

Characterisation of various cover crops in terms of their weed-suppressant effect

  • Distinguishing the allelopathic effects of competition factors (light, nutrients, water)
  • Detecting allelopathic effects in greenhouse and field studies
  • Analysing root exudates in terms of their allelopathic effect

Establishment of a Swiss-wide, functioning herbicide-resistance monitoring service

  • Inclusion of the data in the authorisation process and in consultation documents 


Project Information

Project Title
Weed Control in Field Crops, Herbicide Use, Allelopathy, Invasive Problem-Weeds in Agriculture