Innovative Field-Crop Systems


Conservation agriculture: soil tillage, crop rotation and cover crops


"Conservation agriculture" (CA) aims to achieve sustainable and profitable agriculture and subsequently aims at improved livelihoods of farmers through the application of the three CA principles: minimal soil disturbance, permanent soil cover and crop rotations.

CA holds tremendous potential for all sizes of farms and agro-ecological systems, but its adoption is perhaps most urgently required by smallholder farmers, especially those facing acute labour shortages. It is a way to combine profitable agricultural production with environmental concerns and sustainability and it has been proven to work in a variety of agroecological zones and farming systems." FAO, 2012.


Soil tillage

Develop conservation tillage systems with special emphasis on weed management.


Crop rotation

Specify the different constraints on crop rotation.


Cover crops

Evaluate the agrosystemic services of the different cover crops.

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Innovative Field-Crop Systems (Tillage, Crop Rotation and Cover-Cropping)

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