Agroscope Research Programs

Agroscope Forschungsprogramme

Programme research is a cornerstone of our work at Agroscope. With the research programmes, Agroscope contributes to the identification of future challenges in the Swiss agriculture and food sector, as well as to the solution of these. Here, particularly relevant and promising research areas with a potential for developing new spheres of research and development are of primary importance. The programmes take account of the constantly growing importance of interdisciplinary research. The aim is to strengthen the transfer of findings from basic research into problem- and application-oriented research, thereby generating a practical benefit for the Swiss agriculture and food sector.

After an internal tendering process, the two ongoing Agroscope research programmes were assessed and selected from ten submitted proposals on the basis of specific criteria. Both programmes are strategically supported by specific funds, but must meet the additional condition of being able to top up the resources promised by Agroscope with an equal  amount of third-party funds.