Research Projects SRF 7

Breeding Equids in Switzerland

Preserving Biodiversity and Breeding Horses Sustainably

As the only remaining breed of horse with its origins in Switzerland, the Franches-Montagnes is particularly important. Agroscope’s Swiss National Stud has genetically diverse breeding stallions, and offers their services at covering stations throughout Switzerland. Moreover, research into the management of small populations not only promotes species diversity, but also the marketability of the horses. The methods thus developed can also be used for other livestock.


Disease-Resistant Honey Bees Thanks to Selection

Honey bees are exposed to numerous parasites and pathogens that negatively affect their health and reduce their chances of survival. This problem can be solved permanently through the selection of honey bees naturally resistant to these threats from among the native bee population, which is well-adapted to local conditions. For this, appropriate selection criteria must be developed and tested.