Varietal Research and Production Techniques for Straw Cereals


Agroscope studies various straw cereal species – specifically, wheat, spelt, barley, rye, oats and triticale. Through variety research, Agroscope provides the necessary testing for entry in the Swiss National Catalogue, applies the requirements stipulated in the ordinance (FOAG), and helps draw up the lists of recommended varieties (swiss granum and FiBL). It also develops new descriptors adapted to the sector niches and requested by the inter-branch organisation, such as the estimate of straw yield of the different varieties.

Agroscope studies the impact of the soil, climate, genotype and cultivation techniques on various quality parameters, particularly on wheat-protein content. Tests simulating reduced solar radiation during kernel formation, variations in nitrogen-fertiliser application rates, or late sowing conditions allow us to make recommendations that are better suited to Swiss agriculture.

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Productive and Resilient Cereal Varieties Based on Market Requirements

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Plant varieties

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