Wanted: Resource-Efficient Cows. Or: How to Increase the Efficiency of Dairy Cows Grassland-based Systems

Increasing the Efficiency of Dairy Cows

Dairy cows exhibit significant individual differences in terms of energy and protein utilisation. Knowing the feed intake of individual cows will enable us to recognise efficient cows and optimise feed systems. Consequently, this research project estimates the individual feed intake of grazing dairy cows by means of simple sensor systems. In addition, our researchers test various methods or approaches for assessing energy and protein efficiency, both of which could be of interest in dairy-cow husbandry. Finally, we determine differences in efficiency between Hol-stein and Swiss Fleckvieh cows in roughage-based feed systems. This project points out new ways in which the Swiss agricultural sector can boost efficiency in milk production, conserve resources, and cope with future challenges.

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