Agroscope and ecoinvent Renew Partnership


Agroscope and ecoinvent are committed to advancing sustainable practices in the agriculture and food sectors through their collaboration.

By combining Agroscope's extensive knowledge and experience in LCA and ecoinvent's robust database infrastructure, the partnership aims to provide high-quality data to enhance software tools, inform decision-making processes, and contribute to international sustainability goals.

As a member of the ecoinvent Expert Group and Editorial Group, Agroscope has contributed significantly to the ecoinvent database, specifically in the domain of agriculture. Over the past 20 years, Agroscope has developed generic Life Cycle Assessment calculation tools for field crops and farms, including livestock production and food. Their involvement in various database projects and initiatives has bridged critical data gaps, ensuring consistent and reliable LCA data and environmental product information for the agri-food sector.


Further Information


LCAs for the Swiss Agricultural Sector

Life cycle assessment in agriculture is a data-intensive methodology which in addition to environmental and production data for calculating direct emissions also requires data on the environmental impacts of the upstream and downstream sectors. These data are provided by Agroscope in the two databases SALCA and ecoinvent.


Last modification 28.08.2023

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