Researching in the System and with Practice

Agroscope’s new 2022–2025 Work Programme aims to strengthen system research and co-create more research with farmers. It is also increasingly guided by the principles of agroecology. 

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Agroscope Strengthens System Research and Researches More with Practice

Agroscope’s new Work Programme for 2022 to 2025 takes up the many and varied challenges of the agriculture and food sector. To develop solutions for a productive and sustainable farming sector, Agroscope is increasingly guided by the principles of agroecology, whose aim is to structure agriculture in a more ecologically, economically and socially sustainable manner. Agroscope is also strengthening system research, and increasingly co-creating research with farmers.


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graphique AP 2022-2025

Work Programme 2022−2025

The agriculture and food sector faces major challenges. Among others, these include climate change, protecting the air, soil, water and biodiversity, and providing a healthy diet to a growing population. Agroscope’s 2022–2025 Work Programme takes up these challenges.

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