LabourScope – The Work Budget for Agriculture and Housekeeping


How much time does it take to perform the individual activities on a farm? Are all those involved satisfied with the distribution of the work? How could the distribution be further improved?

Questions like these can be answered via the online tool LabourScope. The principles for LabourScope are continuously determined at Agroscope. With just a few clicks, the working-time requirement for an individual farm can be calculated. The results allow farmers to analyse and optimise the amount of effort expended on the individual activities by the people involved. LabourScope is aimed both at individuals from the education and extension sectors, as well as agricultural practitioners. It is available free of charge at The potentials of this online tool are explained in greater detail in the ‘Agroscope Transfer’ article, ‘Die Arbeitszeit im Griff mit LabourScope’ (‘Keeping Track of Working Hours with LabourScope’) as well as in the video.

Last modification 06.10.2020

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