Pesticides as a last resort

Chemical control


Pesticides as a last resort

When it comes to crop protection, Agroscope always researches and recommends sustainable solutions. Farmers, however, make their choice of plant-protection strategy as entrepreneurs. In this context, Agroscope prepares and publishes technical guides in  viticulture and arboriculture for managing harmful organisms, and furnishes recommendations with the aim of minimising the risks linked to the use of plant-protection products.

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Moreover, Agroscope evaluates the impact of the use of plant-protection products on the environment by means of life-cycle assessments. This research enables users to compare the impact of different plant-protection products, and to choose those that are least damaging to the environment. At the same time, research is being conducted on precision application methods which enable a substantial reduction in the amount of active ingredient required, as well as a reduction of the risk to the environment and the farmer.