Risk assessment of GM plants

Risikobeurteilung von GV Pflanzen
Conceptual diagram of GM-plant risk assessment (Nature Biotechnology 2008, 26: 203-208)

Based on the findings of our research projects and the handling of genetically modified (GM) plants, we develop concepts and methods for the risk assessment of GM plants and take part in international expert committees.

Before being authorised for commercial cultivation, GM crops must undergo a rigorous risk-assessment procedure, including a recording and evaluation of potential ecological risks. For GM plants producing Bt proteins for protection from arthropod pests, the risks for non-target organisms such as beneficials and pollinators are of key importance here.

Together with international partners, we develop concepts for defining protection goals and for risk assessment. In addition, we decide what studies must be conducted to enable evaluation of the effects for non-target organisms. This includes the selection of organisms to be tested, as well as the development and validation of test protocols.

We hold regular training sessions to share our knowledge and experience with local experts in Latin America, Asia, and Africa.