Preserving Soil Fertility with the Swiss Soil Monitoring Network NABO


Run jointly by the Federal Office for Agriculture FOAG and the Federal Office for the Environment FOEN, the Swiss Soil Monitoring Network (NABO) records the state of the soil and how this changes over time through repeated sampling at upwards of 100 sites throughout Switzerland.  This allows undesirable trends to be identified in good time so that countermeasures can be suggested.

The usage data are surveyed annually at around 50 agricultural sites. This allows a plausibility check of the changes measured over time by means of mass balances. It also enables us to create forecasts and scenarios for sustainable use. The soil information system NABODAT manages spatial soil data and displays soil data spatially for spatial planning purposes by means of GIS and with the aid of DSM technology.

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Swiss Soil Monitoring Network NABO

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