Developing a Better Understanding of the Genetic and Metabolic Diversity of Micro-organisms, and Making Targeted Use of this for Cheese, Sauerkraut and Co.


Microbial biodiversity is generally very extensive, and today is still inadequately understood. This applies especially for fermented foods manufactured without heat treatment (e.g. raw-milk cheeses and raw, cured sausages) and with the use of undefined starter cultures. This research project aims to identify microbial biodiversity, study interactions, and understand the influence of phages. In addition, it aims to preserve and maintain diversity within the context of the existing strain collection. By developing scientific principles, identifying the potential of the strain collection and developing new techniques, our researchers hope to highlight potential uses in order to increase the quality and safety of fermented foods, develop new microbial cultures, and promote innovation.

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Using Genetic and Metabolic Diversity for Fermented Foods

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Microbial biodiversity

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