High-Quality Honey Products and Effective Pollination thanks to Healthy Honey Bees and a Healthy Environment

The Swiss beekeeping sector is currently facing various epizootic problems which severely complicate beekeeping activity and require extensive know-how on the part of beekeepers, most of whom are hobby practitioners. In order to maintain the attractiveness of this activity and thereby ensure the honey bee’s performance of its role as a pollinator of both cultivated and wild plants, it is important to find solutions to these problems. The solutions offered to combat honey-bee diseases and guarantee the high quality of hive products must be credible, and field-tested under Swiss conditions. New agricultural practices must also be evaluated in terms of their effects – positive or negative – on pollinators.

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Healthy Honey Bees in an Environment Favouring their Development for High-Quality Bee Products and Effective Pollination

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Animal genetics and livestock breeding

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