Information and Decision-Making Platforms for Sustainable Pest Control

Plant Protection: Forecasting Models, Decision-Support Tools, Platforms

The ‘DigiPhyto’ project aims to provide producers with a set of pertinent information enabling sustainable and effective pest control. It combines different platforms within Agroscope that mainly contain forecasting models and monitoring information (on pests, diseases, phenology, etc.) These systems are dynamic, and require continuous monitoring and development. To ensure their reliability, it is essential that they be validated year after year via observations and field trials, and that new epidemiological findings be incorporated in them. A study will be conducted on the feasibility of incorporating the different decision-making tools (DMTs) found within Agroscope into the phytosanitary platform planned within the framework of the National Action Plan (NAP).

Project Information

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Forecasting Models, Decision-Support Tools and Information Platforms for the Sustainable Use of Plant- Protection Products

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Developing sustainable, low-risk plant protection

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