Sustainable Control of Harmful Arthropods in Fruit Production

Obstau Schweizerkarte Totaleinnetzung

The emergence of new pests together with new policy and legal requirements (National Action Plan for Plant Protection, the systematic review of approved plant protection products, retail-sector residue requirements) means that the underlying production conditions are subject to constant change. Important examples of this are the control of spotted-wing drosophila in stone fruit or the control of the plum fruit moth without the insecticide ‘Insegar’, which has been off the ‘authorised’ list since 2017. The fruit sector expects Agroscope to devise innovative, real-world solutions to enable cost-efficient fruit production with the reduced use of PPPs.  There is therefore a need to refine tried-and-tested integrated cultivation systems whilst maintaining product quality and competitiveness. In addition to field trials with new plant protection strategies, basic research on the biology and spread of these organisms is needed so that targeted control measures and reliable forecasting models can be developed. Pamphlets and factsheets in the usual high quality are to be produced and regularly updated to enable new findings to be passed on to practitioners.

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