Varietal Selection and Development for Sustainable Viticultureétale-vigne

In partnership with the cantonal viticulture agencies, Agroscope safeguards the biodiversity of traditional and native Swiss grape varieties, and has put more than 1800 biotypes of 24 grape varieties in the nuclear stock collection. This material enables us to select the most worthwhile clones for winegrowers and to distribute them via the Swiss certification process. The national collection in Pully (over 600 accessions) conserves genetic resources and safeguards historic Swiss grape varieties which are likely to disappear. The creation of new varieties of top-quality vines that are based on stable resistance to the main fungal diseases of vines (downy and powdery mildew, grape rot) allows us to drastically reduce essential phytosanitary interventions and to practise a more-environmentally-friendly viticulture.

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Clonal Selection, Varietal Development and Trials, and Preservation of Biodiversity for Sustainable, Low-Input Viticulture. Distribution of Bred Varieties through Swiss Certification

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Plant varieties

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