High-Quality Domestic Seed for Arable and Forage Production

Healthy seed is the basis of food and feed production. High-quality raw materials in sufficient quantity are the prerequisite for a wide range of products from industrial and commercial production.

Nutrient-rich grassland fodder enables a high supply of basic ration for our ruminants. Implementation of the EAER Ordinance on Seed Legislation helps ensure that seed of impeccable quality from varieties suitable for arable and forage production is made available to the Swiss agricultural sector in the form of standard mixtures. Healthy seed with a high germination rate ensures value-added performance, from breeding to the end-consumer. Certified seed meets the quality criteria and enables traceability along the plant value chain, which serves as the basis of quality-label programmes. These activities are carried out in partnership with the seed sector.

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Certification and Quality Testing of Domestic Seed

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Plant varieties

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