Recognition and Certification of Fruit Trees, Bushes and Vines with the Production and Provision of Preliminary-Stage Budwood in the Nuclear-Stock Collection

Nuklearstock Obst und Wein

Viral/phytoplasma diseases are persistent and incurable. Certain of these diseases are undeniably present in vineyards and orchards. They spread primarily during planting with the use of contaminated planting material. Because there is no known cure for viral diseases, an effort must be made to control these pathogens preventively. The most effective means of control is therefore to pre-empt disease by planting young plants that are certified virus- and phytoplasma-free. Certification programmes are crucial in the fight against these diseases; moreover, certification provides an assurance of the clonal compliance and varietal authenticity of the material in circulation. Certification programmes thus represent a long-term investment for ensuring the profitability of Swiss arboriculture and viticulture.

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