Developing Cultivation Techniques to Produce High-Quality, Balanced and Sustainable Wines


Agroscope offers and develops different vineyard cultivation techniques in order to reduce inputs and conserve natural resources, whilst ensuring balanced feeding of the vine and the production of high-quality wines. The choice of plant material (grape variety and rootstock), soil and fertiliser management, irrigation practices, the pruning and training pipe systems and the care of the vine stock are just so many levers available to the winemaker in the running of the vineyard. The search for the best possible match between soil, climate and grape variety is important in order to achieve the potential of the different Swiss wine-producing regions (terroir). The impact of climate change on the adaptation of the grape varieties, the typicity and quality of the wines represents a major challenge of wine research at Agroscope.

Measuring water potential in vines

The  pressure chamber technique allows the water status of the vine to be measured effectively, and thus informs us whether the plant needs water. Video

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