Developing High-Quality Seed Mixtures for Forage Production and Biodiversity

Temporary leys – in the main, clover-grass mixtures – cover over 30% of Swiss arable land, and play a crucial role in roughage production. Their properties as previous crops and the nitrogen supplied by the legumes make an essential contribution to sustainable plant production.

Our research project develops mixtures that are adapted to the wide variety of production conditions: specifically, highly productive, intensive conditions for forage production, but also species-rich and extensive conditions for the promotion of biodiversity.  For this, the project avails itself of the latest developments in wild-plant reproduction, includes plants with special constituents such as tannins, and uses findings from plant breeding.  Mixture trials on small plots and under practical conditions form the experimental basis of the project.

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High-Quality Seed Mixtures for Forage Production and the Promotion of Biodiversity

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Multifunctional grassland use

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