Rational Management of Fungal Diseases in Vegetable, Soft-Fruit and Aromatic-Plant Crops

Fungal Diseases in Vegetable, Berry and Aromatic-Plant Crops

The search for sustainable solutions for the control of fungal diseases in vegetable, soft-fruit and aromatic and medicinal plant crops requires a holistic approach taking account of the production system in its entirety. This project encompasses five key research areas:

  1. Searching for sustainable strategies and alternative active ingredients to reduce the risk of residues and protect the soil and the environment;
  2. Supporting the process for the registration of active ingredients specific to minor crops;
  3. Finding sustainable solutions for the control of soil-borne fungal diseases, since soil health is crucial for the success of the crop;
  4. Increasing our knowledge of fungal diseases (early detection, biology, epidemiology, composition of the fungal population) and adapting control strategies;
  5. Developing innovative knowledge-transfer systems and communicating the findings to producers.

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