Sustainable Control of Viral, Phytoplasma and Bacterial Diseases in the Cultivation of Vegetables, Berries and Other Special Crops

Virosen Kohl Gemüsebau

Phytopathogenic viruses, phytoplasmas and bacteria can cause high harvest losses in vegetable and soft-fruit production. Once plants have been infected, the direct control of viruses and phytoplasmas is not possible. Nor can bacteria be kept in check in the field with plant protection products alone. The aim of this project is to develop preventive measures for the control of these pathogens. The basic requirements for the early detection and study of the mechanisms by which problem organisms spread are established in a national monitoring network supplemented by modern and reliable diagnostic methods. This allows the timely elimination of said problem organisms. In addition, methods for rendering plant-propagation material pathogen-free and the use of antagonists to control soil-borne organisms are tested.

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