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Research work at Agroscope led by Marcel van der Heijden deals with the identification of useful bacteria and fungi in the soil.

Soil Fertility: Vital for Agriculture and Society

What are the distinguishing features of a fertile soil? How can fertility be maintained and increased?

Eva Reinhard

Soil – the Foundation of the Agriculture and Food Sector

Only healthy soil can maintain its varied functions and services.


Science in Brief

Is Divona a movie star, and IntoGrass a new sport? Find out in the synopsis of Agroscope highlights.


New Fruit Varieties are Market-Ready

The new fruit varieties must be a step forward towards economically and environmentally sustainable production.


Cutting Back on Concentrates to Increase Earnings

Agroscope showed that it is possible to produce milk a quarter to a third more economically.

Käse, Milch und Milchprodukte

Defeating a Problem Pathogen in the Dairy Sector

A new genetic test reliably identifies a dreaded pathogen, and represents an innovation for the sector.