What happens when the rain doesn’t come?

Extended heat and drought periods – we won’t forget the summer of 2015 any time soon! What consequences can we expect for grassland-based milk and meat production if such events become more frequent? To answer this question, the GrassAlt Project, launched in 2015, investigates the effects of drought on pastures at three different altitudes. Plastic tunnels are used to intercept natural rainfall and simulate various drought regimes. First results show that pastures are very resilient to drought periods. 

Hygienically safe cheese from pasteurised milk

Alkaline phosphatase is used throughout the world as an indicator for the hygienically safe pasteurisation of milk. Under the leadership of Agroscope, the existing ISO method for determining alkaline phosphatase in cheese was optimised and tested using 700 representative cheese samples. The results of this wide-ranging international study show that a limit of 10 mU/g can be proposed for the activity of alkaline phosphatase in cheese made from pasteurised milk.