2016 / 2

Titelblatt Jahresbericht

Stopping Pathogens at the Terminal

The waiting time for results in an airport’s perishable goods hall must be short. Agroscope has reduced the time from two days to two hours thanks to LAMP method.

Editorial Gysi

Editorial: Innovations for Practice

An innovative method must take the step into practice – Agroscope establishes the necessary framework for this.

Science in Brief

Is GRUD a Graubünden quality label, and are social boxes the arena of a new sport? Find out in the synopsis of Agroscope highlights.



The Road to Digital Farming

New technologies are now also finding their way into agriculture under the heading of ‘smart farming’ or ‘Agriculture 4.0’

Antibiotikaresistenzen auf Salat

Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria on Salad Plants

Agroscope studies how undesirable antibiotic resistance is transferred to plant foods.

Schweine ohne Soja

Fattening Pigs without Soya

The Swiss pig production sector could save CHF 18 million per year if soya were eliminated from the diet of fattening pigs.