Free e-Learning Course on Sustainable Agriculture

Kostenloser E-Learning-Kurs über nachhaltige Landwirtschaft
© Fabienne Frey, WSL

Farmers are faced with the challenge of producing in both a cost-efficient and environmentally friendly manner. Researchers from three research institutions investigated how this challenge can be met and where the limits lie. Their results have been made available in a free e-learning tool.

Experts from the Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research WSL, Agroscope and the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam have examined the changes in agricultural practice in Europe and drawn conclusions for the future from them. Interviews and surveys were conducted and landscapes were mapped. The results are now available to all in a free e-learning course. Some of the three modules are multilingual, but all are subtitled in English.

Last modification 01.03.2024

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