Fruit Growing Pilot Plant Güttingen

Location Güttingen
Fruit Growing Pilot Plant Güttingen


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Fruit Growing Pilot Plant
LBBZ Arenenberg
Mattenhofstrasse 540
8594 Güttingen (TG)


+41 71 695 12 65


+41 71 690 01 14

A new centre and pivotal point for the fruit growing industry

The Swiss Confederation and the Canton of Thurgau have joined forces to form an exemplary cooperation: they now share use of the fruit growing pilot plant in Güttingen. In one of the largest fruit-producing cantons, advanced and further training, consulting and research are drawing closer together, strengthening the fruit growing industry.

Increasing pressure to cut costs and the belief that the cooperation will pay off motivated Agroscope and the Agricultural Education and Advice Centre Arenenberg (LBBZ Arenenberg) to come together to share use of the pilot plant in Güttingen. Their aim is to improve support of agricultural practices even further despite cuts in costs.

The Confederation and the Canton of Thurgau sought to collaborate in order to utilise synergies. The result is a solution that has role model character. Acroscope and LBBZ Arenenberg are convinced that a combination of practical research, consulting and advanced and further training at the pilot plant in Güttingen will be of benefit to fruit-growing techniques. Producers are provided with insight into innovations in production techniques and profit from the fact that the research and development projects are so closely interlinked with advanced and further training programmes and consulting services. Last but not least, consumers also benefit from this connection. For well-advised producers in close contact with research activities and who regularly undergo advanced and further training will efficiently produce healthy local fruit at a high ecological level.