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In all plant crops, plant protection ensures the quantity and quality of yields as a prerequisite for profitable production. Despite all measures taken, significant yield and harvest losses owing to harmful organisms are still common today. Accordingly, it behoves us to develop new processes, technologies and strategies that can be used instead of plant-protection products, either preventively or for the control of pests, diseases and weeds. A requirement for this is the investigation of diagnostic procedures as well as the biology and ecology of known and emerging harmful organisms and their antagonists.

Where the use of chemical plant-protection products is unavoidable, methods and strategies are to be developed to further reduce emissions and risks for humans and the environment. This includes the optimisation of application timing and interval, cultivation systems, and application procedures. In addition, expert reports for the authorisation of plant-protection products and accompanying research are to ensure the possibility of competitive agricultural production with the lowest possible side-effects on the environment and without health risks.


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