Publications Ivan Hiltpold

Hiltpold I.
Better together than alone: The use of intercropping in field crops.
Dans: Phytomedical Colloquim. 22 November, Goettingen. 2023, 1-37.

Hiltpold I., Soler R., Galeano M., Moisan K.
Sky is not the limit: Successful application of soil-dwelling entomopathogenic nematodes to control Lepidopteran caterpillars on leaves.
Dans: 55th Annual Meeting of the Society for Invertebrate Pathology. 30. July, Maryland. 2023, 1-13.

La Forgia D., Hiltpold I., Cleroux M., Favaro R., Gindro K.
The killer detects prey’s odours: can fungi be attracted to Halyomorpha halys eggs by their volatiles?
Dans: European conference of Entomology 2023. 16. October, Heraklion (GR). 2023, 284.

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Lewis E. E., Stevens G., Hiltpold I.
Nematode use for testing theoretical models of behavioral ecology.
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Breitenmoser S., Hiltpold I., Steinger T., Baux A.
Intercropping Winter Oilseed Rape (Brassica napus L.) Has the Potential to Lessen the Impact of the Insect Pest Complex.
Agronomy, 12, (3), 2022, 1-10.

La Forgia D., Hiltpold I., Gindro K., Cléroux. M, Kehrli P.
Following stink odor: The use of oviposition induced plant volatile to enhance the presence of egg parasitoids in the field against Halyomorpha halys and Nezara Viridula.
Dans: Pherofruit 2022. 25. septembre, Girona (Spanien). 2022.

Hiltpold I., Dahlin P.
Les nématodes sont des organismes vivants encore largement méconnus.
Journal Agri, 25, 2021, 21.

Laurent E.-A., Bousselin X., Breitenmoser S., Hiltpold I., Baux A.
Colza d'automne - Liste recommandée et recherche agronomique.
Revue UFA, (7-8), 2021, 34-35.
autres langues: allemand

Hiltpold I., Breitenmoser S., Steinger T., Bousselin X., Nussbaum V., Baux A.
Companion plants hinder foes and boost yield in oilseed rape.
Dans: NBFF-Tagung 2020. 04.12., online. 2020.

Breitenmoser S., Steinger T., Bousselin X., Baux A., Hiltpold I.
Using companion crops to hinder insect foes and boost yield in oilseed rape.
Dans: Annual Meeting of the Entomological Society of America. 11.11., online. 2020.

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Entomopathogenic Nematodes in Sustainable Food Production.
Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems, 4, (125), 2020, 1-14.

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Elevated atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations alter root morphology and reduce the effectiveness of entomopathogenic nematodes.
Plant and Soil, 447, 2020, 29-38.

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Effet des plantes associées au colza d’hiver sur les dégâts d’altises.
Recherche Agronomique Suisse, 11, 2020, 16-25.

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