Publikationen Diana La Forgia

La Forgia D., Gindro K., Hiltpold I.
Les oeufs de la punaise marbrée, source d'innovations phytosanitaires.
Journal Agri, 15 mars, 2024, 20.

La Forgia D., Hiltpold I., Cleroux M., Favaro R., Gindro K.
The killer detects prey’s odours: can fungi be attracted to Halyomorpha halys eggs by their volatiles?
In: European conference of Entomology 2023. 16. October, Heraklion (GR). 2023, 284.

Kambor J., La Forgia D., Wilhelm M.
SOPRA: Schädlingsprognose in Zeiten des Klimawandels.
Obst+Wein, 159, (7), 2023, 14-17.
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Todd Kabaluk, Grabenweger G., La Forgia D.
The meeting of minds to share solutions for a complex insect pest.
Arthropod-Plant Interactions, In Press, 2023, 1-2.

La Forgia D., Martin C., Turlings T. C. J., Verheggen F.
2‑Pentylfuran: an aggregation attractant for wireworms.
Arthropod-Plant Interactions, In Press, 2023, 1-8.

La Forgia D., Kambor J.
SOPRA - Validierung und Entwicklung.
In: Pflanzenschutztagung Obstbau. 25. November, Hrsg. Agroscope, Reckenholz. 2022.

La Forgia D., Verheggen F.
War in the darkness: The use of volatile organic compounds as biological alternatives to control wireworms.
In: ICE2022. 16. juillet, Helsinki. 2022, 1-24.

La Forgia D., Hiltpold I., Gindro K., Cléroux. M, Kehrli P.
Following stink odor: The use of oviposition induced plant volatile to enhance the presence of egg parasitoids in the field against Halyomorpha halys and Nezara Viridula.
In: Pherofruit 2022. 25. septembre, Girona (Spanien). 2022.

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Top-down cascading effects of seed-feeding beetles and their parasitoids on plants and leaf herbivores.
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Apfelwickler - Cydia pomonella.
Hrsg. Agroscope, Wädenswil. Merkblatt Nr. 146, 2022, 2 S.
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