EAPR PATHOLOGY Symposium 2019

2nd to 5th September 2019 - Neuch√Ętel - Switzerland

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Pathology Pests Section Meeting, together with the International Spongospora Workshop

Reducing pesticide use while preserving potato productivity and profitability

Control of potato pests and diseases in Europe is becoming increasingly difficult due to the reduction of available pesticides. However, this provides a challenge for the research community to find innovative strategies for controlling pests and diseases. Control methods are required with reduced pesticide applications or novel bio pesticides, designed for low impacts on human health and the environment. Several invited speakers will present these important topics in various perspectives.

The organisers invite all potato researchers working on pesticide reduction to submit abstracts for this meeting. In addition, and as usual for the Pathology and Pests Section Meeting, researchers working on topics related to potato pest and diseases are also invited to submit their abstracts. All contributions are warmly welcomed! This conference will be an excellent opportunity for research interaction and collaboration, on a personal basis.

Organising Commitee

Brice Dupuis
Patrice de Werra
Andreas Keiser
Sergio Rasmann
Ruedi Schwaerzel


Chair, EAPR Pathology and Pests Section

Leah Tsror 


Coordinators, International Spongospora Workshop

Ueli Merz
Richard Falloon 



Organising Commitee

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